Supergroover - 42 (Boom! Records - boomdr030)

by beatspace-boom



Supergroover is a progressive psytrance project by Raoul Koning from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Influenced by the psychedelic scene in the late 90's and labels like TIP, Flying Rhino and Dragonfly he started djing in 2002 and producing around 2007. His interest in music is diverse, but with the Supergroover project he focuses on spacious progressive psychedelic trance laced with acid drenched leads. Under this pseudonym he has released material on IONO Music, Freakuency Records, Bleep Bizarre Records and now BooM! Records and he has played on many festivals and in many countries like Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Guatemala and Bolivia.
Around 1997 he was drawn in the psytrance scene by the parties organised by Matt and Remko from BooM! Records. So releasing an EP with BooM! 15 years later brings back some nice memories! Keep an eye on for new stuff.

With this EP BooM! Records bring you four tracks by Supergroover. These tracks are not the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. They are the key to rock the dancefloors and kick up some dust!

First in line is Bad Robot, an atmospheric track made with an enormous supercomputer over a period of 7.5 million years. You can hear the influences of growing up with acidtechno in the nineties.
The second track cooks up a sweet recipe of full basslines, trippy effects and a little pinch of salt. By the end you'll be a sweet marshmallow chef.
The third track is a bit darker. Psychedelic sounds are infaded by dubby delays and lush sounds.
The last track in line invites you to speed up your dancing moves and should make all 8 bit boys and girls smile! Come on!


released June 30, 2014



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